Would Your Loved One Benefit From Geriatric Physical Therapy?

Would Your Loved One Benefit From Geriatric Physical Therapy?

Discover how we've helped senior citizens in the Bangor and Belfast, ME area

Caring for an aging friend, neighbor or relative can be challenging. Therapy Partners can help assess fall risk on balance issues, gait evaluation, and overall muscle weakness. That's why many residents in the Bangor, ME area turn to Therapy Partners, LLC. We provide personalized geriatric physical therapy services for patients just like your loved one.

Your family will love working with Therapy Partners if you want...

  • Customized treatment options for your loved one-we'll design a treatment program based your loved one's physical and cognitive limitations, as well as short- and long-term goals.
  • Regular updates about your loved one's progress.

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What's a fall risk assessment?

Therapy Partners will provide an evaluation that determines how likely your loved one is to fall. As part of your loved one's fall risk assessment, we'll look at your loved one's...

  • Gait-does your loved one shuffle around the house?
  • Strength and balance-does your loved one use a cane or hold onto furniture for support?
  • Fall history-did your loved one fall recently? If so, was he or she injured?

The fall risk assessment results will help us personalize a treatment plan for your loved one. Contact Therapy Partners today to learn more.